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Why Sections Pro?

Read about the 5 guiding principles that drive the development of Sections Pro.

5 Stars

Excellent app! Worked with Matt to improve the Tabs Premium section and now has new features such as tab & text alignment and custom icon uploads. This plugin works perfectly for our shop design needs! Thank you for working with us and this wonderful app!!

– Naturally Free

1. Design First — Sections Pro is built to be beautiful out-of-the-box. Our goal is for you to be able to drop it on one of your pages and it is instantly improves your brand story.

2. Crafted not Copied — Every Sections Pro section is crafted from scratch using the latest advancements in web and Shopify technologies. We don't simply copy what is on the web and adapt it to Shopify. We miticulously craft each section to be the best quality code possible.

3. Shop Performance Matters — Every Sections Pro section is built to not slow your site down. We use responsive images and lazy loading to ensure a high LCP and have a zero library committment to boost performance.

4. Quality, not quantity — With Sections Pro, you won't see Slideshow 1, Slideshow 2, etc. We focus on solving your UI goals with a single beatiful section and we enable customization where appropriate. We will never have the most or the cheapest sections on the app store—just the best sections.

5. No hassle money back policy — We want you to love your premium Sections Pro sections. If you don't, we will give you your money back. No questions, no hassles.

We want to be the first app you install when you build your Shopify shop. We are committed to building the most beautiful, high performance sections on the Shopify App Store.

5 Stars

I love this app so much! I have about 6 of the sections on my site and it is the first place I look for a section because I like the quality of the sections. They aren't super limited and give you the ability to do things you couldn't otherwise. If that's all the app had to offer that would be enough, however the owner of the app Mathew is AMAZING! There was something I wanted to change about one of the sections and so I reached out to ask him how I could change it and instead of that, he created a whole new section! This app is perfect for people who don't know how to code!

– For Textured Girls